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Avant-garde rock and electronics.

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Georges Dimitrov

A Montreal-based artist and composer, Georges Dimitrov holds a PhD from the University of Montreal. He is currently a member of the full-time faculty at Concordia University where he is the coordinator of the composition program, in addition to being president of the Société Québécoise de Recherche en Musique (SQRM).

In his creation, he aims to break up borders and styles by juggling between contemporary music, underground rock, electronics, film and video game music. On the one hand, he has received commissions from ensembles such as the Montreal Metropolitan Orchestra, the Orchestre Symphonique de l’Isle, La Machine, Arkea and Quatrix, as well as collaborating on several short films and documentaries. On the other, he is a DJ, rock / electronic musician under the name Hyperprisme, and co-hosts Guerre Froide on CISM 89.3 FM during the summer period, a show dedicated to niche cold-wave, minimal synth and post-punk. Since 2017, he also publishes the music analysis and composition blog The Rest is Harmony.


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