At the crossroads of post-punk, contemporary music and synthesizers, Hyperprisme is the solo project of Georges Dimitrov where he can explore the limits of rock and avant-garde creation.



Requiem is a work dedicated to the memory of David Bowie.

The text is the integral one of the mass of the dead, sung in Latin. The work, however, is not liturgical: these poems, and the deep and universal emotions they evoke, possess their own strength, their own symbolism, which does not need religion to be experienced. Each of the fourteen movements is inspired by one or more songs by Bowie, whose rhythmic, harmonic or melodic characteristics are transformed and reused. The link is always subtle – no obvious quotations are given – but Bowie’s soul is inscribed throughout the DNA of the work.

If this Requiem is deliberately stylistically heterogeneous, it is because it reflects the career of the man-chameleon. The sound of the symphonic orchestra blends with rock instruments and synthesizers, while the writing is inspired as much by the great contemporary music composers of the twentieth century as by the legends of post-punk. But through the opposition between shadow and light, between life and death, the work finds its own unity.

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