As a Montreal artist and composer, Georges Dimitrov writes music in many different styles, whether contemporary classical, pop, rock, electronic, or film music, with a particular interest in chamber music and the integration between traditional instruments and live electronics. Besides appearing in several short films and a documentary, his works have been directed by Christian Gort (Orchestre Symphonique de l’Isle), Lorraine Vaillancourt (of the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne), presented at the Society for Arts and Technology and in the City of Montreal’s Maisons de la Culture. He also won one of the 2009 University of Montreal’s composition awards.

Georges Dimitrov is in his second year as assistant professor at Concordia University, where he is presently in charge of the composition area. He also completed six years of teaching and a Ph. D. in composition at the Universityof Montreal. His field of composition is broadend however to various projects outside the university, trying to create a bridge between contemporary music and influences from underground rock circles. In addition to his composition  and teaching activities, he is also an associate composer for LumenBox Films, a DJ, blogger and leads an electronic project named Fade to Grey.